Writing a referral letter to a psychiatrist

Can Fam Physician. If you do prescribe medication please provide a list of medication. Referring to other medical specialists: A guide for ensuring good referral outcomes for your patients was developed specifically to support referrals to specialists, and includes a number of illustrative examples that reflect daily general practice.

Another way in which communication using referral letters can be enhanced is for physicians to get trained in the art of referral letter writing.

writing a referral letter to a psychiatrist

She has no history of any medical conditions. This will include information like relationship status, employment, and weather or not they have children.

letter asking for referrals from medical professionals

Referral letters: are form letters better? She was about to leave for college when she became worried that people at the school were plotting against her. The risks, benefits, incisions and scarring, complications, tradeoffs, recovery, and alternatives were all discussed extensively with the patient.

Abstract Background In most Western countries, the referral letter forms the basis for establishing the priority of patients for specialised health care and for the coordination of care between the services. An effective way to enhance information content and communication in referral letters to specialists is the use of form letters.

Referrals to hospital by general practitioners: a study of compliance and communication.

sample doctor referral letter to doctor format
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Sample Referral Letter to a Psychiatrist from a Counselor