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As for quantity, we recommend sticking to two to three illustration images per medium sized post. One of those was having too many blogs. Timing is everything Do your muses pay you regular visits at 6 am? Another benefit is that blogs are a really great way for your clients to share the images you took of them! Then, I go into a series of other questions and prompts to flesh out the blog post. It should also appear in your headline. If you just blast your blog with bazillions of images, your audience will get overwhelmed and bored.

I get it. Your clients will rave about it — to you and their friends.

How to write your first photography blog post

One of those was having too many blogs. Once in two weeks will also do the job. When trying to build a business, entrepreneurs search for ways to maximize exposure in the shortest amount of time. Advice from your favorite vendors. Decide how often each week you are going to post. It gives you the opportunity to show who you are, why you are a photographer, and what value you can provide to a prospective client. Share that memory in a single, short paragraph at the beginning of your blog post. During the engagement session — while shooting or walking to a new location — I ask how they met. Photographers who cover weddings will understandably need to focus on creating an emotional connection with readers to keep them coming back — and get them on the hook for a potential booking!

And yes, both schedules should be intertwined. The best advice I can offer is to listen. This is a step that many photographers miss. Remember, this is basically like a constantly updated portfolio, so treat it that way!

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In short, writing quality blog content for your photography website can work wonders for both your website and your photography business, while poor quality content can do irreparable damage.

For every photography blog post you write, scribble down a few titles, and then choose the one that would catch your attention. Step 1: Define Your Theme Choose a theme!

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This is different than a portfolio, photo-sharing sites like Flickr, or social networking sites like Facebook. My blog has become a place where people meet, share, and connect. Add social sharing buttons to your posts so that your readers can share your content with a simple click. Whatever your writing schedule may be, you need to set it apart from your posting schedule. The questionnaire includes 40 questions! That inspires a lot of informative posts, too! In general, between 10AM AM is a popular time for browsing the web on a workday. Someone might come across your work, and want to hire you for your unique vision!

The questionnaire includes 40 questions! This is also a great way to establish linkbacks and social shares! I write for my family, friends, and clients…and readers who share their lives with me.

This way, not only will your website get a chance to rank for your keywords, but also every blog article.

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So how do you become a better blogger when you hate to write?

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How to Write a Blog for Your Photography Website