Saturation line

Likewise, along the saturated vapor line, any removal of energy will cause some of the vapor to condense back into a liquid, producing a mixture.

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Showing page 1. At a high enough temperature, specifically at a temperature corresponding to the pressure at the peak of the vapor dome, there is no transition from liquid to vapor and the fluid goes continuously from a liquid-like behavior to a gas-type behavior.

On the left-hand side of the dome there is compressed liquid and on the right-hand side there is superheated gas.

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For example, if we specify then is set. UN-2 Particularly, in European North-South transport corridors and for port hinterland transport, inland water vessels could contribute to relieve the burden of saturated road and railway lines. To the right of the vapor dome, as mentioned above, the behavior is qualitatively like that of a perfect gas.

The percentage of liquid and vapor can be calculated using vapor quality. The saturation lines define the regions of interest as shown in the diagram, being the Compressed Liquid region, the Quality region enclosed by the saturation lines, and the Superheat region which also includes the Transcritical region to the right of the saturated vapor line and above the critical point.

If both phases are present, any quasi-static process at constant is also at constant. As a result, optimum use can be made of less saturated lines and destinations can be reached more quickly.

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Saturation vapor curve