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Padre Manuel Martn Padre Martin - he is the linguistic curate of a nearby town, who says the sermon during San Diego's fiesta.

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He also disagrees on the observation that its primary objective is absolute independence. Padre Damaso also became Maria Clara's christened godfather. Not knowing what to do with the man, the government had him go door-to-door collecting taxes.

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The guests arrive that evening, greeted by Tiya Isabel, the cousin of Kapitan Tiago. Don Rafael was convicted of this because he was accused of reading the controversial book "El Correo de Ultramar. The novel ends with Maria Clara, an unhappy nun in Santa Clara nunnery — forever lost to the world.

That is considered as defect. Said house is Kapitan Tiago's house, where Maria Clara, his daughter, has joined the party. It becomes madness when one is so attached to something — attach to his vices, ambitions, and ideas. Ibarra also passes by the sea, and it is then he recalls that across the vast sea is Europe, whose countries never stop growing and developing. Fortunately Elias had disappeared, and the Guardia Civil went away empty-handed. The story moves Ibarra, and so he decides to build a school for the kids. Discuss the consequences of her act, and how it leads to tragedy. Doa Consolacon Donya Consolacion wife of the alfrez, a former laundrywoman who passes herself as a Peninsular; best remembered for her abusive treatment of Sisa. I desire its good, that is why I am putting up a school; I will seek for that good by means of instruction, by progressive advancement. Basilio prepared the funeral pyre.

Some other prominent figures arrive, such as Don Tiburcio and his wife, Donya Victorina. Sacraments, good works, and indulgences are their primary concern in their day to day life. Padre Florentino falls upon his knees and prays for the dead jeweler.

Surprised, Ibarra immediately questions Tenyente Guevarra about the fate of his father.

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