National integration in pakistan

Through the media, people must be motivated to keep the interest of the Country supreme and above sectarian, regional, racial and linguistic considerations.

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In the absence of a uniform educational system, particularly in terms of curricula and mode of education, one cannot expect the youths of Pakistan, who are around 50 per cent of the population, to seek attachment with the land, values, culture, history and other characteristics of the country.

The phenomenal increase in number of deeni madrassas has not only increased sectarianism but also introduced militancy in the Country.

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For Jinnah, Islam was the reason for Pakistan's existence, but more on cultural than religious grounds. The issue of the centre-province relationship has always been one of the most intractable questions of Pakistan politics.

It is yet to be seen what will be the duration of current spell of national harmony and unity in the wake of Indian threat or once the threat fades, will the country revert back to political schism, inter and intra-provincial disharmony?

The leaders of various subnational groups wanted to dominate political scenario of newly independent states of Asia and Africa.

Federal System of Government. Civil Servants flouted rules and regulations with confidence that their political patrons would save them from any accountability. Improvement of Judiciary System Judiciary can play an important role in nation building.

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The founding fathers, being profoundly secular, had to deal with the task of integrating the several ethnic groups into a national community - without over-using the only bond they had in common: religion. The mushroom growth of political parties, which is a common phenomenon in our country, is dangerous for democracy.

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The challenge of national integration