Gender bias in our court system

Many scholars find that gender influences the voting behavior of judges and the assessment of judges by state judicial systems and the American Bar Association. The plaintiff also wanted to introduce expert evidence from a psychologist about research on sex discrimination.

Truth no longer exists in our legal system. Children are forgotten and have become our newest victims with full cooperation from our Family Court system.

sexism in the court system

Only three percent of the judges in the sample gave the father more custody time than the mother. Counselors and psychologists are encouraged by our system to give bad reports against a father. Yet his ex-wife earned more than he did.

Women are often denied equal justice, equal treatment and equal opportunity. An innocent father involved in a nasty contested divorce from a woman who vows vengeance is helpless in Family Court.

gender bias in court cases

The Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism Contains information on recognizing gender bias, how gender bias is manifested in the courtroom, suggested ways to avoid gender bias, and responsibility for eliminating gender bias in the courtroom see page 9.

Task Force Educational Materials NJEP developed several publications describing how to establish and operate a gender bias task force, implement its recommendations, and evaluate its impact.

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Gender Bias in the Courts