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Anna begins to doubt her own sameness within the paragraph, feeling this change from the woman who convinced her sister-in-law to forgive a cheating husband, to a woman falling in love with a man much different from her husband.

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It is not clear whether her renewed love for her son is genuine, or whether it is the result of guilt or the fear of being left alone. People begin to pay her elaborate deference. Nothing lasts forever so the two of them stumble upon issues and even though he loves Anna he gets worried about the career he was neglecting. Her words are always read with a sheen of tears over my eyes. She gets hysterical and starts taking morphine late at night. Prince Shcherbatsky finds it strange that Madame Stahl thanks God for everything, even unfortunate events like her husband's death. Karenin still wants a divorce, but is unsure of how to proceed. When she sees Seryozha after her trip to Moscow, Anna feels disappointed in him because he is not as delightful as she remembered him. Levin proposes to Kitty again, and she accepts. After a while her sufferings for her son become bigger and it makes her go back to Russia. More on Relationships in this book Even though everything about the novel is incredible, the relationship between Anna and St Clair steals the show. Vronsky is worried that his daughter, Annie, is technically a Karenina since Anna has not obtained a divorce from Karenin. Karenin receives a letter from Anna, who begs him to forgive her. Tolstoy introduces a few new themes that can be divided into couples like happiness-sadness, fortune-poverty. Where Anna is concerned, she comes back to life to deal with what she built for herself, rather than to serve as a reminder for those around her.

Tolstoy, such as Flaubert, uses a narrator in the third person that knows all, comments on the events and works as a middleman between the characters and the readers. She convinced Dolly to forgive her husband.

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Cas dispatches other ghosts with a special knife and learns their stories of how they died, usually violently. Just being seen with him makes the girl a more intense object of local gossip.

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Later, Nikolai breaks up with Marya, but Marya reunites with Nikolai and cares for him on his deathbed. Vronsky feels that he needs more money in order to support Anna, and he thinks he may also need to retire from the military if he and Anna set up housekeeping together.

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She thinks the verse is simply a common saying and does not know it is from the Bible.

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