An analysis of the global digital divide

First Monday, Vol. The global digital divide is mainly but by no means entirely accounted for by income differentials.

digital divide between countries

Park Eds. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers. Progress in Development Studies 11 3 : — Pew Research Center, Fairlie, Licenses and Attributions.

Is it possible to bridge the global digital divide

Desai, and R. Hilbert, Martin. Kim, T. Park Eds. Goodbye digital divide, Hello digital confusion? Falling through the net II: New data on the digital divide. Falling through the net: A survey of the have nots in rural and urban America.. The global digital divide also contributes to the inequality of access to goods and services available through technology.

Social Forces 84 2 : — Iran has also prohibited the use of high-speed Internet in the country and has removed many satellite dishes in order to prevent the influence of western culture, such as music and television.

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[PDF] The Global Digital Divide: Evidence and Drivers