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I shall explain to you the meaning of 'Om'". The schoolmaster thought the time had arrived. Nanak said, "My shop is made of time and space. Guru Nanak was a reformer. A series of events during Guru Nanak's childhood led many to recognise his affinity with religious matters. O Lallo, as the words of the Lord come to me, so do I express them. There was wholesale massacre everywhere. From woman alone is born a woman, Without woman there can be no human birth.

He held controversies with Pundits and Mohammedan priests. Ye shall have to depart in a ghari [10] or two. Guru Nanak quotes[ edit ] Guru Nanak quotes.

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Nanak met a party of Fakirs. Do not be afraid. There was wholesale massacre everywhere. Rai Bular passing by in the evening found him in that attitude, and observed that the protecting shadow of the tree had remained stationary over him, and not veered round like the shadows of the other trees with the sun s progress. There are two competing theories on Guru Nanak's teachings. He pressed the matter, and the child was brought to him in his swaddling clothes. My name is God, the primal Brahm, and thou art the divine Guru. What I do is patent unto Thee; Thou beholdest mine acts, yet I deny them. Nanak and Bala reached Chuhar Kana, a village about twenty miles from Talwandi. I am endeavouring to do my duty honestly and whole-heartedly in the service of my Lord. The object, of course, is that the acquirements and utterances of the religious teachers may be attributed solely to divine inspiration.

O my beloved, the Bridegroom is with those whose robes are thus dyed. Then Nanak informed his father that he had sown his own field, and that its harvest was now ready.

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You can get divine favour and love". He represented that he required assistance in the cultivation of his land, and Nanak was now of an age to turn his attention to agriculture.

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Think not that thou shalt find the Lord by mere words. As in similar compositions in other languages, the letters were taken consecutively, and words whose initials they formed were employed to give metrical expression to the Guru s divine aspirations, his tenets, and his admiration of the attributes of the Creator.

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Later, Nanak nominated Lehna as the next Guru, saying he was himself and his spirit would dwell in him.

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